Friday, March 5, 2010

Query to fetch Responsiblities attached to a username

SELECT UNIQUE u.user_id, SUBSTR (u.user_name, 1, 30) user_name,
SUBSTR (r.responsibility_name, 1, 60) responsiblity,
SUBSTR (a.application_name, 1, 50) application
FROM fnd_user u,
fnd_user_resp_groups g,
fnd_application_tl a,
fnd_responsibility_tl r
WHERE g.user_id(+) = u.user_id
AND g.responsibility_application_id = a.application_id
AND a.application_id = r.application_id
AND g.responsibility_id = r.responsibility_id
AND u.user_name  = 'username’
ORDER BY SUBSTR (user_name, 1, 30),
SUBSTR (a.application_name, 1, 50),
SUBSTR (r.responsibility_name, 1, 60)

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