Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Features in R12 Financials

Oracle E-Business Tax (eBTax):
consists of a tax knowledge base, a variety of tax services that respond to specific tax events, a set of repositories (for tax content and tax recording) that allow customers to manage their local tax compliance needs in a proactive manner, as well as the ability to integrate with external tax content providers through a single integration point.

Advanced Global Intercompany System:
•Addresses the Top Barrier to a Fast Close
•Generates subledger invoices
•Controls transaction entry with Intercompany Calendar
•Has a Fully Configurable Approval Rules
•Has a Flexible Security Model
•Has a Centrally defined Intercompany Accounts

Centralized Banking:
•Bank account is now associated with the LE instead of the Operating Unit
•A single bank account serves multiple Operating Units
•Any and all Operating Units associated with a ledger can be permitted to use the bank account
•There is a centralized Credit Card Model
•There is Credit Card Encryption
•The Supplier & Customer Banks are in TCA

Multi-Dimensional Analysis & Reporting:
•In product row/column UI or within a Spreadsheet
•You can create the following reports & graphs:
  – Historical
  – Current
  – Projected data
•You can analyze performance:
 – Detect trends
 – Define
 – Variance
 – Thresholds
•Receive auto-alerts

Financial Consolidation Hub:
R12 includes interactive spreadsheet reporting with live drill down to transactions

XML Publisher:
Enables you to format, manage, and deliver documents
•Meets business requirements such as:
-Removes complexity
-Reduces maintenance cost
-Reduces TCO
•Integrated with: R9 CRM, ESA, FMS, HCM, and SCM

New Standard Reports:
•Uses XML Publisher
•835 Templates are available
•Merges custom templates and data extracts at run-time
•Delivers output in PDF, HTML, RTF, Excel (HTML), or text for use with EFT and EDI transmissions
•98 Global reports have been replaced with 19 Extracts, 86 Templates

Other new features:
•Live AR-Inventory. Revenue-COGS Match
•Deferred COGS and Revenue Automation
•Advanced collection, Dunning, Loans
•Invoice Lines
•Suppliers in TCA: one setup per partner
•Supplier, users invoice self service
•Straight through processing (STP) at banks
•Per diems, approval enhancements
•Expense Bar Codes
•Self Service receipt matched invoices
•Real time contract T&Cs in PO, AP
•Asset Automatic Depreciation Rollback

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