Friday, March 12, 2010

How to set context and profile values from backend in R12 Oracle apps

FUNCTION set_context( i_user_name    IN  VARCHAR2
                     ,i_resp_name    IN  VARCHAR2
                     ,i_org_id       IN  NUMBER)
v_user_id             NUMBER;
v_resp_id             NUMBER;
v_resp_appl_id NUMBER;
v_lang                   VARCHAR2(100);
v_session_lang VARCHAR2(100):=fnd_global.current_language;
v_return              VARCHAR2(10):='T';
v_nls_lang          VARCHAR2(100);
v_org_id              NUMBER:=i_org_id;
/* Cursor to get the user id information based on the input user name */
CURSOR cur_user
    SELECT     user_id
    FROM       fnd_user
    WHERE      user_name  =  i_user_name;
/* Cursor to get the responsibility information */
CURSOR cur_resp
    SELECT     responsibility_id
    FROM       fnd_responsibility_tl
    WHERE      responsibility_name  =  i_resp_name;
/* Cursor to get the nls language information for setting the language context */
CURSOR cur_lang(p_lang_code VARCHAR2)
    SELECT    nls_language
    FROM      fnd_languages
    WHERE     language_code  = p_lang_code;
    /* To get the user id details */
    OPEN cur_user;
    FETCH cur_user INTO v_user_id;
    IF cur_user%NOTFOUND
    END IF; --IF cur_user%NOTFOUND
    CLOSE cur_user;

    /* To get the responsibility and responsibility application id */
    OPEN cur_resp;
    FETCH cur_resp INTO v_resp_id, v_resp_appl_id,v_lang;
    IF cur_resp%NOTFOUND
    END IF; --IF cur_resp%NOTFOUND
    CLOSE cur_resp;

    /* Setting the oracle applications context for the particular session */
    fnd_global.apps_initialize ( user_id      => v_user_id
                                ,resp_id      => v_resp_id
                                ,resp_appl_id => v_resp_appl_id);

    /* Setting the org context for the particular session */

    /* setting the nls context for the particular session */
    IF v_session_lang != v_lang
        OPEN cur_lang(v_lang);
        FETCH cur_lang INTO v_nls_lang;
        CLOSE cur_lang;
    END IF; --IF v_session_lang != v_lang

    RETURN v_return;
    RETURN 'F';
END set_context;

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