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How Inventory Passes Journals To General Ledger (GL)

Inventory Transactions transfer to GL normally done by Program called INCTGL.

Inventory to GLThe accounting information related to transactions in INV module is transferred to GL by running the ‘Transfer Transactions to GL’ concurrent program. This is part of ‘Period End Process' . However, you can run explicitly any time during an open period. When you run this process and in case if more than one period is open, all the transactions from the earliest open period to the date up to which the process is run (Transfer Date) are considered for transfer to GL.

When you run this program all the accounting information is inserted into gl_interface table. ‘Journal Import’ and ‘Post Journals’ processes in Oracle General Ledger can then be used to post the information in General Ledger.

The level of detail that is transferred to GL for the accounting information related to these transactions depends on the value chosen in the Organization Parameters Screen

Navigation: Oracle Inventory => Setup => Organization => Parameters

Each parameter has there own significance.

1. Organization Code : This is one of inventory organization, for which the gl transfer has to be done.
2. Date :A date in any open period.
3. Current Period
4. GL Description

The possible values for the ‘Transfer to GL’ field (in Organization Parameters Screen) are – Detail, Summary, None.

* When Summary is selected :The accounting information pertaining to the transactions is summarized and the summary entries are posted to GL. One of the advantage of running the process in 'Summary' mode over 'Detail' mode is minimising the posting times.
* When ‘Detail’ is selected :The detailed accounting entries are transferred to GL. In this case, the posting times are larger due to a larger number of records. The advantage of this mode is creation of detailed accounting records in GL for every transaction in Inventory/WIP.
* When none is selected: This case no transfer of accounting information to GL is done for this organization.
Running ‘Transfer to GL’ process
You can run Transfer Transactions to GL process can be run from Oracle Inventory
Accounting Close Cycle .. General Ledger Transfers
These are the tables which get affected By transfer Program.
* GL_INTERFACE : Based out of Program logic, new row inserted into this table. The connecting link are established by these columns.GROUP_ID, REFERENCE21, REFERENCE22,ACCOUNTING_DATE,
Action on this table :Insert
* MTL_TRANSACTION_ACCOUNTS : Mtl_transaction_accounts holds the accounting information for each material transaction in mtl_material_transactions.
Action on this table :Select/Update
* WIP_TRANSACTION_ACCOUNTS :This table stores the accounting information for each resource transaction in wip_transactions.
Action on this table :Select/Update
* MTL_PARAMETERS :This table maintains a set of defaults and controls like general ledger accounts; locator, lot, and serial controls; inter-organization options; costing method; etc. for each organization defined in Oracle Inventory.
Action on this table :Select
* ORG_GL_BATCHES :This table holds history rows for every batch of transactions that have been interfaced to the gl_interface table.
Action on this table :Insert/Delete/Update
* ORG_ACCT_PERIODS :This table holds the open and closed financial periods for organizations.
Action on this table :Select
* ORG_ORGANIZATION_DEFINITIONS : Defination of the Org is derived from this table
Action on this table :Select
* GL_SET_OF_BOOKS : Table holds the setof book data used for joining purpose.
Query for Subledger Transfer to GL
If you want to get details of different journals transferred to GL, use this to get the result. You can also fine tune with period , currency or clearing company code or Journal Type.

SELECT gjh.period_name "Period name"
, "Batch name"
,gjjlv.header_name "Journal entry"
,gjjlv.je_source "Source"
,glcc.concatenated_segments "Accounts"
,mmt.subinventory_code "Subinventory"
,glcc3.segment4 "Costcenter"
,gjjlv.line_entered_dr "Entered debit"
,gjjlv.line_entered_cr "Entered credit"
,gjjlv.line_accounted_dr "Accounted debit"
,gjjlv.line_accounted_cr "Accounted credit"
,gjjlv.currency_code "Currency"
,mtt.transaction_type_name "Transaction type"
,mta.transaction_date "Transaction_date"
,msi.segment1 "Reference"
FROM apps.gl_je_journal_lines_v gjjlv,
gl_je_lines gje,
mtl_transaction_accounts mta,
mtl_material_transactions mmt,
mtl_system_items_b msi,
gl_je_headers gjh,
gl_je_batches gjb,
apps.gl_code_combinations_kfv glcc,
apps.gl_code_combinations_kfv glcc2,
mtl_secondary_inventories msin,
mtl_transaction_types mtt,
gl_code_combinations glcc3
WHERE gjjlv.period_name BETWEEN 'NOV-2008' AND 'DEC-2008'
AND gje.code_combination_id = gje.code_combination_id
AND gjjlv.line_je_line_num = gje.je_line_num
AND gl_sl_link_table = 'MTA'
AND gjjlv.je_header_id = gje.je_header_id
AND mmt.inventory_item_id = msi.inventory_item_id
AND gje.je_header_id = gjh.je_header_id
AND gjh.je_batch_id = gjb.je_batch_id
AND mmt.organization_id = msi.organization_id
AND mmt.organization_id = msin.organization_id
AND mmt.subinventory_code= msin.secondary_inventory_name
AND mta.gl_sl_link_id= gje.gl_sl_link_id
AND mta.reference_account = glcc.code_combination_id
AND msin.expense_account = glcc2.code_combination_id
AND mmt.transaction_id = mta.transaction_id
AND mtt.transaction_type_id = mmt.transaction_type_id
AND cost.organization_id(+) = mmt.organization_id
AND cost.secondary_inventory_name(+) = mmt.subinventory_code
AND glcc3.code_combination_id(+) = cost.expense_account

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